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Adding lime to Chateau Moulin

March 2011 - as we have done every year for the last 6 years, we have recently added lime to the lake, which helps improve the productivity of Chateau Moulin.

The productivity of most stillwater fisheries is governed, in the main, by the fertility of the bottom of the lake. Typically, mud-bottomed lakes are quite productive, the consequence being that they can support larger numbers of fish than sand or gravel-bottomed fisheries.

However, because of the silty bottom at Chateau Moulin, it is worthwhile improving the fertility of the lake bed. Silt rich in organic (i.e. dead plant) material contains a useful potential supply of nutrients, but these 'plant foods' are usually locked up in the silt where oxygen cannot penetrate.

Adding lime to the lake helps encourage bacteria that will break down the dead plant matter. Lime will also increase the pH of the water slightly - making it more alkaline - and increase the level of dissolved calcium. Calcium is an essential 'building block' for many invertebrate animals, especially freshwater snails, and their numbers are likely to increase following liming, thereby providing fish with a greater 'larder' of food items.

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Removal of Silver Fish

On the 18th February 2011 we decided to remove some of the silver fish in the Lake. This was done by a team of professional  French piscicultures ( fish farmers ) along with Myself and Lee.

Removal of Silver FishA net was placed at the bottom section of the lake and the slow process of dragging it together started. The water level had to be dropped by over a meter and a half for us to be able to get in and do this. It took 10 men and 1 boat and a total of just over 8 hours to do it. Eventually the moment of truth is approaching! Have we just spent over 4 and a half hours pulling a net for a handful of roach? One snag, one rock could lift the net and we could lose everything even if it is only a dozen silver fish!!!

We needn't have worried. It was a great success . We netted out a total of 2682 Kilos of silver fish and not one carp amongst them !!! It could not have gone better. Once we had transferred the fish from the pen to the scales and on to the lorry we could finally relax. It was a great Day.

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