These rules are in place for the safety of the fish and of the anglers, and for the well-being of the fishery. They must be abided by at all times!

  • There is a 3 rod limit
  • Unhooking mats are compulsory (and are provided at the lake)
  • Barbless hooks only may be used
  • NO lead core or leaders
  • Dogs allowed
  • No fires
  • Absolutely NO LITTER (bin bags will be provided)
  • Bait boats, if used sensibly, are allowed, but not full-sized boats
  • No particles or pellets
  • All anglers must respect the surrounding countryside and wildlife
  • Minimum of 15lb line
  • NO braided mainline
  • NO sacking of fish allowed. Fish can be retained in an appropriate sized retaining sling whilst you are waiting for the bailiff to take your picture or you are setting up your own camera equipment
  • Fishing from designated swims only

The bailiffs have the final say in any disputes.

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