We want you to make the most of our stay and the fishing at Chateau Moulin so the following advice on the best baits and tactics to use at Chateau Moulin are designed to up help bank plenty of carp and who knows, even surpass your previous PB.

Chateau Moulin is a mixed fishery so we recommend the use of boilies with a minimum size of 18 mm.

All good quality bait will catch although we do sell a very high quality house bait that can be bought on site. Large quantities need to be pre ordered.

House Baits

Here at Chateau Moulin we fully understand the contribution that good quality food bait makes to the health of our fish and the eco-system of the lake. For this reason, our house baits are produced by a company that we know and can trust to supply us with consistent high quality food-based boilies. The team from Cornwall Bait have fished here since shortly after we opened and their baits have continued to produce outstanding results over the years.

House Baits are sold in 1KG bags size 20mm and include hardened, flavour enhanced hookbaits ..And are all Fresh frozen baits (not shelf life)

Chateau Moulin Fish Mix Boilies

A high quality fishmeal bait including a combination of quality, low temp and pre-digested fishmeals, milk proteins, cereal products, Robin Red and a few other extras. The bait has a friendly fruity flavour and also harnesses the all time classic Black Pepper.

Chateau Moulin Four Season Mix Boilies

Based upon Cornwall Baits own ‘Switch’ mix, this bait contains fish-meals (inc pre digested) Red Factor, Nectar-blend, CLO, milk proteins, cereals, kelp and spices. Flavoured creamy spice flavour and harnesses the pulling power of N-Butryic.

Coming Soon - Chateau Moulin Red Seed Mix

Following fantastic results on Cornwall Baits Red Seed mix their field-testers are working on a variation of it for the New Exclusive Chateau Moulin House Bait. A full-on Red Seed boilie containing Red factor, Nectar Blend, CLO, milk proteins, cereals, Robin Red, and a few secret bits.

Attractor combination - to be announced.

We advise that you order your house bait prior to arriving, however if you just wish to try the odd kilo or need more should you run low we always have stock.

A Few tips:

As usual with carp fishing there are no hard and fast rules. Our house baits can be applied in small or large quantities – many of our customers do well over large beds of bait, scattered into the pads to encourage the carp to gain confidence to feed on the edge of the pads.

Others adopt a little and often approach. Either way, our baits are designed as a long-term food source and will maximize the chances of you catching.

Customer feedback tells us that a large number of fish are hooked and put on the bank by using stiff-rigs. However, do not be frightened to experiment with your rigs – combi-links have been very successful for a number of anglers fishing the lake but make sure you have strong hooks! It goes without saying that using a robust line is important – 15lb b/s is advised and make sure that it is reliable and abrasion resistant.

Please make sure that all rigs that are used are safe. We favour a system where the lead is ejected during the fight – Fox Safety Clips are especially good at this but remember to bring lots of leads!

Finally, the difference between a good week and a bad week can often be put down to the general approach an angler takes. Whilst we wish everyone to have a great time at Chateau it is important to remember that our fish do not always give themselves up easily – you may well have to work hard for a few takes so maximising your chances by being quiet, discreet etc should go without saying. The margins often produce fish so do not ignore them but remember that carp (and fellow anglers) are often intolerant of excessive bank-side noise / disturbance.

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